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  AKC Weekly Winners Gallery  
From events through this past Sunday

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Multple Group Winning
BISS Gold GCh. Bryr Rose Matisse

The #1 Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier All-Systems*

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judges Mr. Norman L. Patton
& Ms. Cecilia Ringstrom for these recent group placements

Call Name: Matisse    Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Owned by: Edward & Janet Koharik, Jr. 
Bred by: Jeanne "Yenna" Pedersen Ferris

Award: Terrier Group Second & Terrier Group Fourth
Judges: Mr. Norman L. Patton (G2) & Ms. Cecilia Ringstrom (G4)
Show: Mt. Palomar Kennel Club (1 & 2)
Date: May 21-22, 2016

Sire: GCh. Greentree Keepsake Surfin USA
Ch. Bryr Rose French Kiss
Handled by: 
Jorge & Susie Olivera
*System/Date: CC All-Systems 4/16


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Bronze GCh. Jango CM2

The Number One Spanish Water Dog*

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judge Mrs. Robert (Polly) D. Smith
for this Group First! 

Call Name: Jango   Breed: Spanish Water Dog
Owned by: Faith Ott & Janet Rahn
Bred by: Linda Scheele & Linda Kardonis

Award: Herding Group First
Judge: Mrs. Robert (Polly) D. Smith
Show: Oconee River Kennel Club
Date: May 8, 2016

Sire: Timber Oaks Go For The Gold CM
Dam: Lija Timber Oak Blame Ria
Handled by: Nina Fetter
 CC All-Systems 4/16

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MBISS GCh. Hillock Beaconfield Bellagio

2016 GSCA National Specialty Winner

Our Sincere Appreciation to
Judge Mr. Gary Andersen for this Honor

Call Name: Gio    Breed: Gordon Setter
Owned by: Donna Maynard, Ronet Rodewald Murray, & Jolie Abitz
Bred by: Jolie Piette-Abitz & Sharon Piette

Award: Best in Specialty Show & Back-to-Back Sporting Group Firsts
Judges: Mr. Gary Andersen (BISS), Mr. Arley Hussin (G1) & Mr. Elliott Weiss (G1)
Show: Gordon Setter Club of America National Specialty 
& Ravenna Kennel Club (1 & 2)
Date: May 13-15, 2016

Sire: Ch. Buteo's Skywatch
Dam: Ch. Hillock National Debt
Handled by: Sarah & Correy Krickeberg
Assisted by: Jennifer Shadoian & Sarah Congleton


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AM GCHB. BISS CAN GCh. TaolanQuest Flying Cloud

Reserve Best in Show for Cloud and Mike!

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judge Mr. Allen Odom
& Breeder-Judge 
Mrs. Rosemary Leist  for these Honors

Call Name: Cloud   Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Owned by: Alisa Syar & Mike Stone: SilverIce Alaskan Malamutes
Breeder/Owners: Ron Pohl & Laurie Newburn: Taolan Alaskan Malamutes

Award: Reserve Best in Show, Working Group First & Working Group Second
Judges: Mr. Allen Odom (RBIS) & Mrs. Rosemary Leist (G1) 
Show: Gavilan Kennel Club (1 & 2)
Date: May 7-8, 2016

Sire: Ch. We're Still Flying Taolan Colours
Dam: Ch. TaolanQuest Book Of Secrets
Handled by: Mike Stone

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Multiple Best in Specialty show Winning • Multiple Group Winning
MBISS GCh. Good Fortune Golden Girl

The Number One Chinese Shar-Pei*

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judges Dr. Gary L. Sparshu, 
Dr. Wanda V. Spediacci, Mrs. Betty Nelson Pollock,
Ms. Janet M. Allen, Dr. Gerard Penta, Mr. Timothy Catterson &
Mr. Troy Dargin for Tsivia's recent awards 

Call Name: Tsivia   Breed: Chinese Shar-Pei
Bred & Owned by: Grace M. Fritz

Award: Three Non-Sporting Group Firsts, Two Group 3's and 7 Bests of Breed
Judges: Dr. Gary L. Sparshu (G1), Dr. Wanda V. Spediacci (BOB & G1),
Mrs. Betty Nelson Pollock (G1), Ms. Janet M. Allen (BOB & G3), Dr. Gerard Penta (G3),
Mr. Timothy Catterson (BOB) and Mr. Troy Dargin (BOB)
Show: D'Arbonne KC, Sunflower KC (1 & 2), Salina KC and Illinois Capitol KC
Date: April 25 - May 21, 2016

Sire: BIS GCh. BluRubEin Aged to Perfection "Relic"
Dam: Good Fortune At Last "Etta"
Handled by: Chris Ann Moore
*System Date: CC Breed System 4/16


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MBIS MBISS GCh. Grangefield Aberdovey Vanity

2016 CWCCA National Specialty Select Bitch

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judges Ms. Kim Shira,

Mr. Roger Hartinger and Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy for these Honors 

Call Name: Vanity   Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Owned by: S. Hobbs, S. Stockslager, & M. Mizelle
Bred by: Nancy Stockslager & Shirley Hobbs

Award: Select Bitch and 2 Herding Group Thirds
Judges: Ms. Kim Shira (SB), Mr. Roger Hartinger (G3) & Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy (G3)
Show: CWCCA National Specialty & Chief Solano KC (1 & 2)
Date: April 23 - May 14, 2016

Sire: Ch. Phi-Vestavia Neon Black RN HT
Dam: Ch. Grangefield Aberdovey Lymric
Handled by: Kelly Shane

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Lakeridge Cahal

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judges Mr. Kerry Lee, Ms. Patricia W. Laurans, 
Ms. Billie Kellogg Kneale & Dr. H. Scott Kellogg for these Honors

Call Name: Ricky   Breed: Irish Terrier
Owned by: Tony & Jean Barker
Bred by: Keith W. Bower & Wendy A. Bower

Award: Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, & Back-to-Back Terrier Group Firsts
Judges: Mr. Kerry Lee (BIS), Ms. Patricia W. Laurans (RBIS), 
Ms. Billie Kellogg Kneale (G1) & Dr. H. Scott Kellogg (G1)
Show: Trenton Kennel Club (1 & 2)
Date: May 8-9, 2016

Sire: GCh. Kells Touch of Fleetstreet
Dam: Wyndham Rionach At Lakeridge
Handled by: RC Carusi
Assisted by: Catherine Pikul


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Multiple Group Winning & Placing
GCh. Lk Michigan's Rock and Roll CGCA 

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judge Mr. Arley Hussin for this Honor
In limited showing at only 19 months, Rocky is a multiple group winner 

Call Name: Rocky   Breed: Australian Shephard
Owned by: Jenny Woelzlein and Marcie Boomsliter
Bred by: Marcie Boomsliter - Lake Michigan Aussies

Award: Herding Group First 
Judge: Mr. Arley Hussin  
Show: Ravenna Kennel Club
Date: May 15, 2016

Sire: GCh. Legacy's Power Play
Dam: GCh. Thornapple Sure Shot Cheyanne
Presented by: Correy & Sarah Krickeberg


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Group Winning & Multiple Group Placing
BIS AM GCh. CAN COL FCI Ch. That's What's In a Name

A Top 5 Black Russian Terrier*

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judge Mr. Nicolas DeBedout
for this recent group placement  

Call Name: Varias    Breed: Black Russian Terrier
Owned by: Dr. Charlene Madison Cassidy & Dr. John W. Cassidy
Bred & Presented by: David and Darlene Scheiris - AKC Breeders of Merit

Award: Working Group Second 
Judge: Mr. Nicolas DeBedout
Show: Fort St. Clair Kennel Club
Date: May 1, 2016

Sire: Ch. Valkyrie's A Little Night Music
Dam: Ch. That's Rozalia Liliya Vita
Handled by Breeder/Owner: David J. Scheiris
*System Date: CC All-Breed System 4/16

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Ch. Willamette's Lookout Catching Fire

The #1 Owner-Handled German Wirehaired Pointer

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judges Ms. Bonnie Linnell Clarke
& Mr. Richard Bohannon for these Honors

Call Name: Katniss   Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer
Owned & Presented by: Dr. Anita Tate
Bred by: Lisa Popescu, Octavian Popescu, Helen Witt and James Witt

Award: NOHS Reserve Best in Show & Sporting Group Third
Judges: Mr. Richard Bohannon (RBIS) & Ms Bonnie Linnell Clarke (G3)
Show: Western Carolina Dog Fanciers Association
Date: April 24, 2016

Sire: GCh. Ripsnorter's Mt View Lookout JH
Dam: Willamette's Zorra RA JH CGC
*System/Date: AKC NOHS System 5/16


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GCh. Lismore McCormack's Dragon Song

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judges Mr. Kenneth Kauffman
& Mrs. Rosalind Kramer for these recent group placements

Call Name: John Mac   Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Owned by: Meg Ryan and Maureen Long
Bred by: Meg Ryan - AKC Breeder of Merit

Award: Terrier Group Third & Terrier Group Fourth
Judges: Mr. Kenneth Kauffman (G3) & Mrs. Rosalind Kramer (G4)
Show: Mattaponi Kennel Club (1 & 2)
Date: May 21-22, 2016

Sire: Ch. Aran What Happens In Vegas
Dam: GCh. Lismore The World According to Me
Handled by: Angela L. Llyod


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BISS AM GCHS CAN CH That's Pullin' At Your Heart Strings

at the HCA Oklahoma City Show!

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judge Mrs. Margo E. Klingler for this Honor! 

Call Name: Taffy   Breed: Havanese
Owned by: Dr. Stephen & Mrs. Patricia Lucas, David & Darlene Scheiris
Bred by: David & Darlene Scheiris & Patricia Lucas ~ AKC Breeders of Merit

Award: Best in Specialty Show, Reserve Best in Show and Three Toy Group Firsts
Judges: Mrs. Margo E. Klingler (BISS), Mrs. Carol Jean Nelson (RBIS), 
Ms. Carolyn A. Herbel (G1), 
Mr. Nicolas DeBedout (G1) and Mr. Robert E. Hutton (G1)
Show: HCA Specialty Show: Oklahoma City, OK,
Bartlesville KC & Fort St. Clair KC (1 & 2)

Date: April 17 - May 20, 2016

Sire: GCh. That's The Notorious Defender
Dam: Ch. Nirvana's Mystic Nutmeg
Handled by: David Scheiris


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GCh. MytyMo's Good Golly Miss Molly Of Banjo

The #7 St. Bernard & #2 St. Bernard Bitch*

Thank you to esteemed Judges Mrs. Christie Martinez, Ms. Diane Anderson
 and Mrs. Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna for awarding Molly at
the Northeast Wisconsin Dog Show Classic 

Call Name: Molly  Breed: St. Bernard
Owned by: Dr. Vicki Popela & Kim Ketelsen
Bred by: Jeanne & Phillip Woods

Award: Best of Breed
Judge: Mrs. Christie Martinez
Show: Packerland Kennel Club
Date: April 3, 2016

Sire: GCHB Lasquite's Banjo V Orlando
Dam: Mytymo's Danika Of Big Mac
Handled by: Kim Ketelsen
*System/Date: CC All-Systems 4/16

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GCh. Bryr Rose Matisse
Melody Falcone (D) - mlf.designs@gmail.com  www.melodylfalcone.com
Bob Kohler Photography (P)

GCh. Jango CM2

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GCh. Hillock Beaconfield Bellagio
JC Dog Photo (P)
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GCh. Taolanquest Flying Cloud
Ken O'Brien (winphoto)
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GCh. Good Fortune Golden Girl
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GCh. Grangefield Aberdovey Vanity
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Lakeridge Cahal
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GCh. Lk Michigan's Rock And Roll
Amber Jade Photography (Main Photo) - dogs.amber-jade.com
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GCh. That's What's In A Name
DoChara Images (Main Photo) • Kurtis Photography (Win Photo)
Antoinelle WWG (D)

Ch. Willamette's Lookout Catching Fire
CC Photography (P) • Antoinelle WWG (D) 

GCh. Lismore McCormack's Dragon Song
John Ashbey (P) • Antoinelle WWG (D) 

GCHS. That's Pullin' At Your Heart Strings
Steven Ross (Main Win Photo)
Antoinelle WWG (D) 

GCh. MytyMo's Good Golly Miss Molly Of Banjo
Robert J. Skibinski Photography (Win Photo)
Antoinelle WWG (D) 

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