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Multiple Group Winning & Placing
RBIS GCHB Carmel Just in Case


Reserve Best in Show for Team Casey! Thank you Judges
Mr. Ken Murray & Mrs. Carole Beattie for these honors

Call Name:  Casey   Breed:  Miniature Schnauzer
Owned by: Dr. Angel & Mrs. Lisa Iscovich
Co-Owned by: Marilyn Lande & Carma Ewer
Bred by: Carma & Galen Ewer

Award:  Reserve Best in Show & Terrier Group First
Judges:  Mr. Ken Murray (RBIS) & Mrs. Carole Beattie (G1)
Show: Superstition Kennel Club
Date:  March 3, 2018

Sire:  GCHP Allaruth Just Kidding V Sole Baye
Dam:  CH Carmel Kwic Trix
Presented by: Susie & Jorge Olivera
*System Date:
 AKC Breed Stats Through 1/31/18
Follow Casey on Instagram: CARMELJUSTINCASE


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Multiple Group Winning • Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winning
BIS RBIS MBISS GCHP Loredo's Purple Rain

2017's #2 Boston Terrier Breed & All-Breed
...and 2018 is Off to a Great Start!

Thank you Judge Dr. Anthony DiNardo for this great group win!

Call Name:
 Prince   Breed: Boston Terrier
Bred & Owned by: Loretta K. Dolan

Awards:  Non-Sporting Group First
Judge:  Dr. Anthony DiNardo
Show:  Great Barrington Kennel Club
Date:  February 4, 2018

Sire:  CH Donnybrook's Man Of Aran
Dam:  Loredo's Sally Ann Thunder
Presented by: Margaret Noble
*System Date: AKC Breed & All-Breed Stats Through 12/31/17


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Multiple Best in Show Winning • Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winning
AM GCHB CAN CH Alpine's Living On the Road


Celebrating 6 Bests in Show in 6 Weeks!
Thank you to all the Judges who have recognized Pancho

Call Name:
 Pancho   Breed:  American Staffordshire Terrier
Owned by: Lacey Keller, Karen Townsend, Carly Kramer, Amy Tighe & Jerry Kindall
Bred & Owned by: Ed & Karen Thomason

Awards:  Back-to-Back Bests in Show & 2 Terrier Group Firsts
Judges:  Ms. Patricia Anne Keenan (BIS & G1), Mrs. Patricia Sosa (BIS)
& Dr. Andrew Kramer (G1)
Shows: Greater Gainsville Dog Fanciers Association (1 & 2)
Dates:  January 27-28, 2018

Sire:  GCH Sbigstaff Enuf Is Enuf for LBK DN
Dam:  GCH Alpine's Isn'T She Lovely CAA
Presented by: Ed Thomason • Assisted by: Shahntae Martinez
*System Date:
 AKC All-Breed Stats Through 1/31/18


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Group Winning • Best in Specialty Show Winning
GCHB Van Orman's HK Delta Dagger CAA DS WAC

Celebrating another great weekend!

Thank you Judges Ms. Karen Hynek,
Dr. Rene' Echevarria-Cofino, Mr. Ronald Horn,
Mrs. Cathy De La Garza &  Mr. John Ronald for these honors

Call Name:  Delta   Breed:  Doberman Pinscher
Owned by: Nancy Troyer and Ashlee Claggett
Bred by: Nancy Troyer and Ashlee, Susan and Charles Claggett

Awards:  Working Group 4 and 4 Bests of Breed
Judges:  Ms. Karen Hynek (G4), Dr. Rene' Echevarria-Cofino (BOB),
Mr. Ronald Horn (BOB), Mrs. Cathy De La Garza (BOB) & Mr. John Ronald (BOB)
Shows:  San Jacinto KC (1 & 2) and Garden City Kansas KC (1 & 2)
Dates: February 24 - March 3, 2018

Sire:  BISS GCHS Van Orman's Don't Stop Me Now CAA
Dam:  CH Van Orman's Flash N Dazzle
Exclusively Handled by: Ashlee Claggett


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Reserve Best in Show Winning • Multiple Group Placing
 GCHB Koradox Pramada's Dealers Choice SI

Thank you Judge Mr. Richard J. Berger for this recent award

Call Name:  Casino   Breed:  Standard Longhaired Dachshund
Owned by: Jane Ahnger, Thomas Sikora & Margaret E. Peat
Bred by: Thomas Sikora & Margaret E. Peat

Award:  Best of Variety
Judge:  Mr. Richard J. Berger
Show:  San Diego Dachshund Club
Date:  February 23, 2018

Sire:  GCH Briarmist BushRanger
Dam:  CH Pramada's Shes So California At Koradox
Presented by: Carlos A. CarrizoAKC Registered Handler


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The #2 All-Breed German Wirehaired Pointer*
 MBISS GCHS Willamette's Lookout Catching Fire


Thank you Breed Judge Mr. Robert D. Ennis & 
Group Judge Ms. Elizabeth (Beth) Sweigart 

Call Name:  Katniss   Breed:  German Wirehaired Pointer
Owned & Presented by: Dr. Anita Tate
Bred by: Lisa Popescu, Octavian Popescu, Helen Witt & James Witt

Award:  Best of Breed
Judge:  Mr. Robert D. Ennis
Show: 2018 Westminster Kennel Club
Date:  February 13, 2018

Sire:  GCH Ripsnorter's Mt View Lookout JH
Dam:  Willamette's Zorra RA JH CGC
*System Date: AKC All-Breed Stats Through 1/31/18


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Around the Ring at the Kennel Club of Beverly Hills
Pomona, CA • March 3-4, 2018

Photos Courtesy of Diana Han: Nor Cal Bulldogger Photography

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