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The All Time Top Winning Male Giant Schnauzer
 MBIS MBISS GCHG Ingebar's Tynan Dances With Wildflowers

Celebrating 71 All Breed Bests in Show

Thank you Judges Mr. Whitney Coombs &
Mr. Hal Biermann for Ty's recent awards

Call Name:  Ty   Breed:  Giant Schnauzer
Owned by: Sandra Nordstrom & Carol Mann
Co-Owned & Bred by: Maryann Bisceglia

Award:  Best in Show & Working Group First
Judges: Mr. Whitney Coombs (BIS) & Mr. Hal Biermann (G1)
Show: Kennel Club of Anne Arundel
Date:  January 5, 2018

Sire:  Ingebars Goodfella
Dam:  Ingebars Hey There Delilah
Presented by: Katie & Adam Bernardin
*System Date:
 AKC Breed, All-Breed & Group Stats Through 12/31/17


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Multiple Group Placing 
GCHS Trout Creek's Written Onna Star

#6 Breed • #9 All-Breed • #3 GCH Points*

Thank you Judges Mr. Vincent Mulligan, Mr. John Wade
& Mr. Bobby Birdsong for Nash's recent awards

Call Name:
 Nash   Breed: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Owned by: Allison Allen & Bonnie Huett
Bred by: Bonnie Huett • Trout Creek GSMD

Award:  3 Bests of Breed
Judges:  Mr. Vincent Mulligan, Mr. John Wade &  Mr. Bobby Birdsong
Show:  San Joaquin KC (1 & 2) & Greater Clark County KC
Date:  December 3-10, 2017

Sire:  NBISS CH Windrider A Timber HIT CGC CD CDT NWPD ROM
Dam:  GCH Trout Creek's You're On JHD ROM
Handled by: Luke & Rowan Baggenstos PHA
*System Date: AKC Breed & All-Breed Stats Through 12/31/17


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Group Winner in the US & Canada
BISS AM/CAN GCH Tzo Wens Queen of Hearts


Thank you to all of the Judges who have recognized Juice

Call Name:
 Juice   Breed:  Chinese Shar-Pei
Owned by: Rhonda Holloway, John Kolodziej, Barbara LaVere & Tammy Bohlke
Bred by: Barbara LaVere, Tammy Bohlke & Amanda Bauer

Award:  Best in Speciatly Show
Judge: Mrs. Susan Carr
Show: Berkshire Spur Chinese Sharpei Club
Date:  November 12, 2017

Sire:  GCHB Tzo Wen N Xin Jin Hit the Jackpot
Dam:  CH Tzo Wen Xiao Mai Counting Starrs W Xin Jin
Presented by: Tammy Bohlke
*System Date:
 Canuck Dogs Breed Points


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Multiple Best in Specialty Show • Multiple Group Placing • National Select Dog
 GCHS Snowy Mountains Norman Invasion At Redrock


Call Name:  Norman   Breed:  Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Owned by: Jennifer Logan & Steven Borst
Bred by: Norman & DeLena Christensen • AKC Breeders of Merit

Award:  Best in Specialty Show
Judge:  Mrs. Sharon C. Smith
Show:  Del Valle Dog Club of Livermore
Date:  October 22, 2017

Sire:  GCH Cordillera's Journeyman Kai NWPD
Dam:  GCH Snowy Mountain's Echo RN NDD ROM
Presented by: Kyle Hennefer
*System Date: AKC Breed & All-Breed Stats Through 12/31/17


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A top 15 Non-Sporting Dog*
 MBIS MBISS GCHG Planett's Ancient Mariner CA CGC


Thank you to all of the Judges who have recognized Bosun
Special thank you to Judge Nancy Smith Hafner
for Bosun's recent group first

Call Name:  Bosun  Breed:  Dalmatian
Owned by: Sarah Carter, Barbara Kaplan-Barrett, Paula Fultz & Tom Fultz
Bred by: Edward Barrett & Barbara Kaplan-Barrett

Award:  Non-Sporting Group 1
Judge:  Mrs. Nancy Smith Hafner
Show:  Southern Maryland Kennel Club
Date:  January 7, 2018

Sire:  GCH Monarch'N Canal-Sides Prophecy
Dam:  GCH Planett's Third Rock From The Sun
Presented by: Jessy & Roxanne Sutton
*System Date: AKC Breed, All-Breed & Group Stats Through 12/31/17


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Group winning & Multiple Group Placements
 GCH Hellion's Red Hot Chili Pepper At Ironhead

The #8 Miniature Bull Terrier in Breed & in the NOHS*
after taking off 6 months for motherhood!

Thank you Judges Mrs. Denise Cornelssen
& Mrs. Norma Smith  for these honors

Call Name:  Savina   Breed:  Miniature Bull Terrier
Owned by: Beth and Jeff Parry
Bred by: Kathy Brosnan

Award:  NOHS Group 2 & Best of Breed
Judges:  Mrs. Denise Cornelssen (NOHS G2) 
& Mrs. Norma Smith (BOB)
Show:  Decatur Alabama Kennel Club
Date:  November 11, 2017

Sire:  GCH Decadance Detroit Kidd
Dam:  Hellion's Lady in Red
Presented by: Beth Parry 
*System Date: AKC Breed Stats Through 12/31/17
**AKC NOHS Stats Through 10/11/17


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 Waterbound Everything Harvey VD Golden Gate

The FIRST AKC Group Placing Nederlandse Kooikerhondje!

Thank you Judges Mrs. Ann Hearn, Mrs. Bonnie Threlfall
& Ms. Elizabeth Muthard for these incredible honors

Call Name:  Harvey   Breed:  Nederlandse Kooikerhondje
Owned by: Marlene Valter
Bred by: Sheryl Fuller • Waterbound Kooikers • AKC Breeder of Merit
& Susan Martin • Golden Gate Kooikers

Award:  3 Bests of Breed (3 PT Majors) and Sporting Group 4
Judges:  Mrs. Ann Hearn (BOB & G4), Mrs. Bonnie Threlfall (BOB)
& Ms. Elizabeth Muthard (BOB)
Show:  Southern California Sporting Dog Fanciers
& Kennel Club of Palm Springs 1 & 2
Date:  January 5-7, 2017

Sire:  Astro Dog From Wonderland RN NA NAJ CGC
Dam:  Waterbound Anna Aylina Van De Golden Gate
Presented by: Louise Brady



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Around the Ring at the Kennel Club of Palm Springs
Indio, CA • January 6 & 7, 2018

Photos Courtesy of Diana Han: Nor Cal Bulldogger Photography 
[email protected]

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Jeffrey Hanlin (P)  |  Antoinelle WWG (D) • [email protected]


Diana Han: Nor Cal Bulldogger Photography (right side candids) • [email protected]
Antoinelle WWG (D) • [email protected]

Amber Jade Photography (P)
Jen Milani: Showtime Design • www.showtimedesign.com

Diana Han: Nor Cal Bulldogger Photography (P) • [email protected]
Jen Milani: Showtime Design • www.showtimedesign.com

Antoinelle WWG (D) • [email protected]

Teddy Lei Photography (candid) |
Antoinelle WWG (D) • [email protected]

Diana Han: Nor Cal Bulldogger Photography (P) • [email protected]
Antoinelle WWG (D) • [email protected]



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