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#12 Dog Among All-Breeds • #4 Working Dog • #1 All-Breed Siberian Husky*
MBIS MBISS AM GCHG CAN GCH Nanook's This Girl Is On Fire

The Top Winning Siberian Husky Bitch in BREED History!
29 All-Breed Bests in Show to date!

Thank you Judges Ms. Edweena (Toddy) McDowell,
Ms. Sharol Candace Way & Mr. Richard Lashbrook
for these recent awards

Call Name:  Amaze    Breed:  Siberian Husky
Owned by: Correen F. Pacht, Marc Ralsky & Annette Dionne
Bred by: Annette Dionne

Award:  Best in Show & 2 Working Group Firsts
Judges:  Ms. Edweena (Toddy) McDowell (BIS), 
Ms. Sharol Candace Way (G1) & Mr. Richard Lashbrook (G1)
Show:  Quincy Kennel Club (1 & 2)
Date:  May 19-21, 2017

Sire:  MBIS AM CAN CH Mistral de Ciukci
Dam:  Nanook's Spit Fire and Lace
Handled by: Laura King & Robin Novack
Assisted by: Alex Romero
*System/Date: AKC All-Systems 5/17

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Group Winning & Multiple Specialty Winning
GCHB Esthete's The Bard of Avon BN RA SH NA NAJ NF

One of America's Top 5 English Setters*

Thank you Judge Mr. Henry (Hank) Williams
for this recent group placement!

Call Name:
 Shakespeare    Breed:  English Setter
Owned by: Jill Warren and Jennifer Necker
Bred by: Jill Warren, Linda Stebbins & Lanore Matter • AKC Breeders of Merit

Award:  Sporting Group Second
Judge:  Mr. Henry (Hank) Williams
Show:  Yosemite Kennel Club
Date:  June 8, 2017

Sire:  GCHS Esthete's Topsails VJK London BN RA OA OAJ NF
Dam:  GCH Esthete's The Queen of Everything CDX BN RE JH AX AXJ NAP NJP OF
Handled by: Carlos A. Carrizo
Assisted by: Sonoho Yamada
 AKC All-Systems 5/17


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Best in Show Winner • Best in Specialty Show Winner
BIS BISS GCHS Cordell's Potential Unlocked CGCA

America's #1 Ridgeback and #8 Hound*

Our sincere appreciation to all of the Judges
who have recognized Winston throughout the year

Call Name:  Winston   Breed:  Rhodesian Ridgeback
Owned by: Josephine Baruch-Tucker
Bred by: Muriel & Dennis Wood •  mwood350@mac.com

Award:  Hound Group 1,
Two Hound Group 2's  & Hound Group 3
Judges:  Mr. Gutenberg Vilar de Queroz Soares (G1)
Mr. Robert Stein (G2), Mr. Edward Hall (G2)
& Ms. Celeste Gonzalez (G3)
Show:  Greater Hickory KC (1 & 2),
Fayetteville KC  & Ashville KC
Date:  June 1-10, 2017

Sire:  GCH Hunter's Ridge Sure Shot By Kwetu
Dam:  Cordell's Driving Me Crazy Ms Daisy of Hunter's Ridge
Exclusively Handled by: Frank J. Murphy

*System Date: AKC All-Systems 5/17


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 Group Winning & Multiple Group Placing
GCHB Geran's Solitary Man

A TOP 10 German Shepherd Dog*

Thank you Judge Col. Joe B. Purkhiser for this win!

Call Name:  Cash    Breed:  German Shepherd Dog
Owned by: Michelle Jones, Gerald, Angela & Alexa Roach
Bred by: Gerald, Angela, Alexa Roach & M'Kayla Stahr

Award:  Herding Group Second
Judge:  Col. Joe B. Purkhiser
Show:  Seward County Kennel Club
Date:  April 30, 2016

Sire:  CH Chablis Bonafide V Coda
Dam:  GCHB Geran's Hope Floats
Presented by: M'Kayla Stahr • Mstahr12@msn.com
*System Date: AKC Breed System 5/17


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Multiple Group Winning & Placing
 BIS GCHB Lin Shan's Belle Of The Ball

#1 Female Podengo* • #1 Owner-Handled Podengo*

Thank you Judge Mrs. Gloria Geringer for this incredible honor

Call Name: Belle    Breed:  Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Owned & Bred by:  Michael Hobbs-Ohlinger & Douglas Hobbs-Ohlinger

Award: Best in Show & Hound Group First
Judge:  Mrs. Gloria Geringer
Show:  Fort Dodge Kennel Club
Date:  June 18, 2017

Sire:  GCHB Heimat's Valiant Ranger
Dam:  CH Rio Val's Brandy
Presented by: Michael Hobbs-Ohlinger
*System Date: AKC Breed & NOHS Stats 5/17


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Multiple Group Winning & Placing • Multiple Int'l BIS Winning
 BISS GCHB Dot De Rides Primadonna

The #1 Chinese Shar-Pei Bitch*

Thank you Judges Mr. Robert Frost & 
Mr. Roger Hartinger for these recent awards

Call Name:
Samba      Breed:  Chinese Shar-Pei
Owned by:  Juan Catala, Stephanie Hentschel & Mary Jo Janowicz
Bred by:  Gabriela Dodero 

Award: Back-to-Back Non-Sporting Group Firsts
Judges:  Mr. Robert Frost & Mr. Roger Hartinger
Show:  McKinley Kennel Club (1 & 2)
Date:  June 10-11, 2017

Sire:  Stoneys Sir Duke
Dam:  Gold Panonia Nefertiti
Presented by: Stephanie Hentschel
*System Date: AKC Breed Stats 5/17


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Multiple BIS • Multiple BISS  • Two Time Select Excellent
GCHG Stuttgart's Single Action Army V Hammersmith TC OFA


Thank you Judges Ms. Barbara Ann Langlois, Mr. Lee Brown,
Mr. William Daugherty, Mrs. Cathy Daugherty
& Mrs. Lesley Hiltz for recognizing Cowboy

Call Name:
Cowboy      Breed:  German Shepherd Dog
Owned & Handled by:  Anya Vasilis Dobratz
Bred by:  Irene Hause & Leslie Dancosse

Award: Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show
& 3 Herding Group Firsts
Judges:  Mr. Lee Brown (BIS), Ms. Barbara Ann Langlois (RBIS), 
Mr. William Daugherty (G1), Mrs. Cathy Daugherty (G1)
& Mrs. Lesley Hiltz (G1)
Show:  Northlake KC of Greater Covington &
Riverside West KC of Greater New Orleans (1 & 2)
Date:  June 2-4, 2017

Sire:  GCH Kysarah's Ashkin For Trouble
Dam:  CH Stuttgart's Madison Avenue



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Around the Ring at Woofstock • 10 Year Anniversary! 
June 8-11, 2017
Photos Courtesy of Diana Han : Nor Cal Bulldogger

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