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National Specialty Winner • Multiple Group Winner

America's #7 Herding Dog
The #1 Spanish Water Dog All-Systems* 

Thank you Judge Mrs. Debra Long Gschwender
for this recent Group First

Call Name:  Jango    Breed:  Spanish Water Dog
Owned by: Faith Ott & Janet Rahn
Bred by: Linda Schelle & Linda Kardonis

Award:  Herding Group First
Judge:  Mrs. Debra Long Gschwender
Show:  Bloomington Indiana Kennel Club
Date:  April 21, 2017

Sire:  Timber Oaks Go For The Gold CM
Dam:  Lija Timber Oak Blame Ria
Handled by: Nina Fetter
 AKC All-Systems & Herding Dog System 4/17

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Multiple Group Winning & Placing
BIS GCH Hope-Fulls Honey Kist Houdini

Three Consecutive Group Ones in New York!

Our heartfelt appreciation to Judges Dr. John Ioia,
Dr. Alan Santos, MD  & Mr. Robin Stansell for these honors

Call Name:
 Houdini   Breed:  Lhasa Apso
Owned & Bred by: Jeanne G. Hope • AKC Breeder of Merit

Award:  3 Non-Sporting Group Firsts
Judges:  Dr. John Ioia, Dr. Alan Santos, MD
& Mr. Robin Stansell
Show:  Ladies Kennel Association of America (1 & 2)
& Long Island KC
Date:  May 19-21, 2017

 GCH Hope-Fulls Hugs Kist by Northwind
Dam:  CH Hope-Fulls Honey of a Hostess
Presented by:  Patricia Martello


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Back-to-Back National Specialty Winner
GCHG Avatar Bayshore Dare Ewe To Be A Hot Shot CA

A Top 5 Border Collie All-Systems*

Thank you Judges Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman,
Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy & Mr. Michael Canalizo  for these recent awards

Call Name:  Dare   Breed:  Border Collie
Owned by: Heidi Laskowski and J. Frank Baylis
Bred by: J. Frank Baylis and Caroline T. Woods

Award:  Herding Group 1 & Two Herding Group 2's
Judges:  Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman (G1)
Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy (G2) & Mr. Michael Canalizo (G2)
Show:  Steel City KC, Terre Haute KC & Bloomington Indiana KC
Date:  April 16-23, 2017

Sire:  GCH Auldbrig Believe Inmagic HIC RN
Dam:  BISS GCH Avatar's Papoose of Bayshore
Handled by: Julie Despot
*System Date: AKC All-Systems 4/17


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Best in Specialty Show Winning • Multiple Group Winning
BISS RBIS GCHS Cordell's Potential Unlocked CGCA

 America's NUMBER ONE Ridgeback All-Systems*

Thank you to all of the Judges  who have recognized Winston!

Call Name:  Winston   Breed:  Rhodesian Ridgeback
Owned by: Josephine Baruch-Tucker
Bred by: Muriel & Dennis Wood •  [email protected]

Award:  Best in Specialty Show, Hound Group 1, 
Two Hound Group 3's & Two Hound Group 4's
Judges:  Mrs. Betty-Ann Stenmark (BISS), Mr. Nicholas G. Frost (G1),
Mrs. Beverly Capstick (G3),  Ms. Bonnie Linnell Clarke (G3),
Mrs. Polly D. Smith & Mr. Charles Olvis (G4)
Show:  Greater Valley Forge RRCUS Regional Specialty
Columbus KC, Southeast Alabama KC,
Macon KC & Greater Kingsport KC (1 & 2)
Date:  May 4-May 21, 2017

Sire:  GCH Hunter's Ridge Sure Shot By Kwetu
Dam:  Cordell's Driving Me Crazy Ms Daisy of Hunter's Ridge
Exclusively Handled by: Frank J. Murphy

*System Date: AKC All-Systems  4/17


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Multiple Group Winning & Placing
 GCHS Peace River's Bling It On

The Number One Alaskan Malamute Bitch*

Thank you Judges Mrs. Cathy H. Daugherty, 
Dr. Ronald Spritzer 
& Mrs. Patricia Sosa for these recent group placements

Call Name:  Diva    Breed:  Alaskan Malamute
Bred & Owned by: Michele S. Coburn
Owned by: Alisa Syar

Award:  Working Group 3 & Two Working Group 4's
Judges:  Dr. Ronald Spritzer (G3), Mrs. Cathy H. Daugherty (G4)
& Mrs. Patricia Sosa (G4)

Show:  Linn County KC, Steel City KC & Terre Haute KC
Date:  February 25 - April 22, 2017

Sire:  CH SilverIce Lichen Standing Stone
Dam:  CH Peace River's All That And A Bag Of Chips CGC
Presented by: Julie Despot

*System Date: AKC All-Systems 4/17


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Multiple Best in Show & Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winning
GCHS Timbaray N' Sastya's Outlaw CD JH CGC TKN

Best in Show for Team Jesse!

Thank you Judges Ms. Peri Norman, Ms. Sharon Lyons,
Dr. Dale Simmons,  Mrs. Terry DePietro
& Ms. Charlene Trost for Jesse's recent awards

Call Name:
Jesse     Breed:  Gordon Setter
Owned by:  Pat Boldt, Mary Ann Leonard & Barbara Meining, DVM
Bred by:  Barbara Meining, DVM • Timbaray Gordon Setters

Award: Best in Show, Best in Sporting Dog Show & 3 Sporting Group Firsts
Judges:  Ms. Peri Norman (BIS), Ms. Sharon Lyons (BISS),
Dr. Dale. Simmons (G1),  Mrs. Terry DePietro (G1) & Ms. Charlene Trost (G1)
Show:  Kern County KC (1 & 2), Apple Valley KC 
& Southern California Sporting Dog Fanciers
Date:  April 1-May 25, 2017

Sire:  MBIS MBISS GCHP Sastya's Eleven Eleven
Dam:  GCH Timbaray's Intuition UD JH
Presented by: Bruce & Tara Schultz
Assisted by: Daniel Magee


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Multiple NOHS Best in Show Winner • #1 Owner-Handled GWP
GCHB Willamette's Lookout Catching Fire DM CA

The #1 Owner Handled Dog Among All-Breeds*
The #1 All-Breed German Wirehaired Pointer*

Thank you to all of the Judges who have recognized Katniss

Call Name:
Katniss     Breed:  German Wirehaired Pointer
Owned & Presented by:  Dr. Anita Tate
Bred by:  Lisa Popescu, Octavian Popescu, Helen Witt & James Witt

Award: 3 NOHS Bests in Show & 3 NOHS Group Firsts
Judges:  Mr. Harry (Butch) Schulman (NOHS BIS), Mr. Fred Bassett (NOHS G1),
Ms. Linda C. More (NOHS BIS & G1), Mrs. Julie Felten (NOHS G1) 
& Ms. Karen Hynek (NOHS BIS)
Show:  Danville KC, Huntsville KC, Alamance KC,
Fayetteville KC & Champaign Illinois KC (1 & 2)
Date:  August 17, 2016 - April 29, 2017

Sire:  GCH Ripsnorter's Mt View Lookout JH
Dam:  Willamette's Zorra RA JH CGC
*System Date: AKC All-Breed & NOHS System 4/17


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Multiple Best in Show Specialty Show & Multiple Reserve Best in Show 
AM GCHG CAN CH That's Pulling At Your Heart Strings


Thank you Judges Mrs. Judy Webb, Mr. Dana Cline
& Mr. James Frederiksen for these recent awards

Call Name:
Taffy     Breed:  Havanese
Owned by:  Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Patricia Lucas, David & Darlene Scheiris
Bred by:  David & Darlene Scheiris & Patricia Lucas ~ AKC Breeders of Merit

Award: Reserve Best in Show & Back-to-Back Toy Group Firsts
Judges:  Mrs. Judy Webb (RBIS), Mr. Dana Cline (G1)
& Mr. James Frederiksen (G1)
Show:  Nebraska Kennel Club (1 & 2)
Date:  May 20-21, 2017

Sire:  GCH That's The Notorious Defender
Dam:  BISS CH Nirvana's Mystic Nutmeg
Presented by: David Scheiris
*System Date: AKC Breed System 4/17

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Best in show winning • Group Winning
BIS AM & INTL CH Marinella's Smooth Criminal At Ark Angel

his first weekend as a special at 14 months

Our sincere appreciation to Judges Dr. Roger Pritchard 
& Mr. James Noe

Call Name:
Luciano     Breed:  Portuguese Water Dog
Owned by:  Laura Thost and Kristle Marangon
Bred by:  Kristle and David Marangon & Natasha Kramlich

Award: Best in Show
Judges:  Dr. Roger Pritchard (BIS & BOB), Mr. James Noe (G1)
Show:  Olympia Dog Fanciers Association
Date:  May 7, 2017

Sire:  GCHS Odysea Impresario At Pouch Cove
Dam:  CH Marinella's You're The Devil In Disguise
Presented by: Laura Thost



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Around the Ring at the 2017 KerryFest at Purina Farms
Summit, MO: May 5-7,2017
Photos courtesy Jean Waters & USKBTC

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