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  AKC Weekly Winners Gallery  
From events through this past Sunday

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#1 Siberian Husky All-Breed • #1 siberian Husky Bitch All-Systems
MBIS MBISS AM/CAN GCH Nanook's This Girl Is On Fire

America's #7 Working Dog*

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judges Mrs. Keke Kahn
& Mr. Dana Cline for these Honors

Call Name: Amaze   Breed: Siberian Husky
Owned by: Correen F. Pacht, Marc Ralsky & Annette Dionne
Bred by: Annette Dionne

Award: Best in Show & Working Group First
Judges: Mrs. Keke Kahn (BIS) & Mr. Dana Cline (G1)
Show: James River Kennel Club
Date: August 3, 2016

Sire: MBIS Am/Can CH Mistral de Ciukci
Dam: Nanook's Spit Fire and Lace
Handled by: Laura King & Robin Novack
Assisted by: Alex Romero & Anne Phillips
*System Date: CC All-Systems 8/16

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Multiple Best in Show winner • A Top Herding Dog
GCHS Jango CM2

America's Number One Spanish Water Dog*

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judges Mr. Walter J. Sommerfelt & 
Ms. Fay Dorval Haupt for this Honor

Call Name: Jango   Breed: Spanish Water Dog
Owned by: Faith Ott & Janet Rahn
Bred by: Linda Scheele & Linda Kardonis

Award: Best in Show
Judges: Mr. Walter J. Sommerfelt (BIS) & Ms. Fay Dorval Haupt (G1)
Show: Mid-Kentucky Kennel Club
Date: September 5, 2016

Sire: Timber Oaks Go For The Gold CM
Dam: Lija Timber Oak Blame Ria
Handled by: Nina Fetter
 CC All-Systems 8/16

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Reserve Best in Show Winner • Multiple Group Winner 
AM GCHB BISS CAN GCH TaolanQuest Flying 

America's #1 Alaskan Malamute Male All-Breed*

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judges Mr. Jon R. Cole, Ms. Lee Whittier,

Mr. Robert Slay & Mrs. Margaret Jones for these recent awards

Call Name: Cloud   Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Breeder/Owners: Ron Pohl & Laurie Newburn: Taolan Alaskan Malamutes
Owned by:
 Alisa Syar & Mike Stone: SilverIce Alaskan Malamutes

Award: Working Group 1 & Three Working Group 3's
Judges: Mr. Jon R. Cole (G1), Ms. Lee Whittier (G3),
Mr. Robert Slay (G3) & Mrs. Margaret Jones (G3)
Show: Gold Country KC, Redwood Empire KC,
Lake County KC of Northern CA & Sir Francis Drake KC
Date: September 4-18, 2016

Sire: Ch. We're Still Flying Taolan Colours
Dam: Ch. TaolanQuest Book Of Secrets
Handled by: Mike Stone
*System/Date: CC All-Breed System 8/16


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Best in Show Winning • Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winning
GCH & INTL CH Timbaray N' Sastya's Outlaw CD JH CGC

The FIRST Gordon Setter in the history of the breed,
to earn an All-Breed Best in Show & his GSCA BBB
• Beauty, Brains & Bird Sense •

A Clean Sweep in Colorado! 4 Days, 4 Shows, 4 WINS!

Thank you Judges Mrs. Danelle Brown, Ms. Kathleen Egeland-Brock,
Ms. Gabriela Garcia & Mr. Brian Meyer for these Honors

Call Name: Jesse  Breed: Gordon Setter
Owned by: Pat Boldt, Mary Ann Leonard & Barbara Meining, DVM
Bred by: Barbara Meining, DVM •  Timbaray Gordon Setters

Award: Back-to-Back Bests in Specialty Show & 2 Sporting Group Seconds
Judges: Ms. Gabriela Garcia (BISS), Mr. Brian Meyer (BISS & G2
& Mrs. Danelle Brown (G2)
Show: GSCA High Plains Gordon Setter Specialty Show & Greeley KC (1 & 2)
Date: August 18-21, 2016

Sire: MBIS MBISS GCHP Sastya's Eleven Eleven
Dam: GCH Timbaray's Intuition UD JH
Handled by: Bruce & Tara Schultz
Assisted by: Kellie Dahlberg & Daniel Magee

*System Date: DN All-Breed System through 8/31/16

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Multiple NOHS Group Winning & Group Placements
CH Hellion's Red Hot Chili Pepper At Ironhead

The #4 Miniature Bull Terrier in the NOHS
after ONLY 4 Months!*

Thank you to Esteemed Judge Mr. Charles E. Trotter for this

Call Name: Savina   Breed: Miniature Bull Terrier
Owned by: Beth and Jeff Parry, & Kathy Brosnan
Bred by: Kathy Brosnan

Award: NOHS Terrier Group First
Judge: Mr. Charles E. Trotter
Show: Northern Kentucky Kennel Club
Date: September 2, 2016

Sire: GCh. Decadance Detroit Kidd
Dam: Hellion's Lady In Red
Handled by: Beth Parry
*System Date: AKC NOHS System through 9/9/16


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Multiple Group Winning
GCHS Lismore McCormack's Dragon Song

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judge Ms. Elizabeth Sweigart for this Honor

Call Name: John Mac   Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Owned by: Meg Ryan and Maureen Long
Bred by: Meg Ryan - AKC Breeder of Merit

Award: Terrier Group Second
Judge: Ms. Elizabeth Sweigart
Show: Kennel Club of Northern New Jersey
Date: September 1, 2016

Sire: Ch. Aran What Happens In Vegas
Dam: GCh. Lismore The World According to Me
Handled by: Angela L. Llyod • AKC Registered Handler
Assisted by: Erin Nesbitt • AKC Registered Handler Apprentice


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Multiple Best in Show Winner • Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winner
MV-1 GCHS Haines Abel For Queans CD RA BN CGC TT

#4 Rottweiler All-Breed & #7 Rottweiler Breed*

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judges Ms. Angela J. Porpora,
Dr. Robert Brown, Mr. Joseph E. Gregory &
Mr. John C. Ramirez for these Honors

Call Name: Abel   Breed: Rottweiler
Owned by: Jill Kessler-Miller and Yolanda Gallardo
Bred by: Robert Haines & Christy Haines 

Award: 2 Working Group Firsts, Working Group Fourth & Best of Breed
Judges: Ms. Angela J. Porpora (G1), Dr. Robert Brown (G1),
Mr. Joseph E. Gregory (G4) & Mr. John C. Ramirez (BOB)
Show: Kings KC of California, Lake Matthews KC,
 Santa Barbara KC & Santa Ana Valley KC
Date: March 12 - September 10, 2016

Sire: CH Nighthawks Born For Highwood CD RA
Dam: CH Da-Cars Vom Rococo Haines
Handled by: Jeannie Tappan
*System/Date: AKC All-Systems 8/16


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Little Mtn's 1 Shot Deal From Wingy Knob

BMDCA National Specialty Winner • Multiple Regional Specialty Winner


Thank you Judge Mrs. Loraine Boutwell
for awarding Ace Best in Specialty Show

Call Name:
 Ace  Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Owned by: Candy Konicki, Walt Konicki, & Jerry and Laurel Hughes
Bred by: Candy Konicki & Jerry and Laurel Hughes

Award: Best in Specialty Show
Judge: Mrs. Loraine Boutwell
Show: Bernese Mountain Dog Club of SW Ontario
Date: August 14, 2016 

Sire: Ch. Skylyn's Killian Red
Dam: Ch. Windy Knob's Your So Vain
Owner Handled by: Candy Konicki


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Multiple Group Winning & Placing
RBIS AM GCHS/CAN CH Mazel Tov's Special Agent by Chiastolite 

The #7 Rhodesian Ridgeback All-Systems* 

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judge Mrs. Gloria Geringer
for this Group Placement

Call Name: MacGee   Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Owned by: Sharon Witherspoon
Bred by:
 Sharon Witherspoon and Rosemary Marnoch - AKC Breeders of Merit

Award: Hound Group Third
Judge: Mrs. Gloria Geringer
Show: Cheyenne Kennel Club
Date: September 4, 2016

Sire: GCH Chiastolite's Maximum Force Of Red Dawg JC
Dam: Mazel Tov's Crossing Jordan Of Ruya
Handled by: Colton and Heather Johnson
*System Date: CC All-Systems 8/31/16

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The New Grand Champion
GCH Rozsa Huntmore Padrone SH, CA 

Expertly guided to a Group 4 by Ashlee Claggett, 
and completing his Grand Championship!
Boss proves he isn't just another field dog

Our Sincere Appreciation to Judge Mr. Tom Hale for this Honor

Call Name: Boss    Breed: Vizsla
Owned by: Nancy Troyer, Rene Blakemore & Alan Blakemore
Bred by: Linda and Richard Lantz ~ AKC Breeder of Merit
Rozsa Vizslas

Award: Sporting Group Fourth
Judge: Mr. Tom Hale
Show: Topeka Kennel Club
Date: August 26, 2016

Sire: DC Fieldstone's Remington Ammo MH ROM
Dam: CH Rozsa Athena JH
Handled by: Ashlee Claggett


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Around the Ring at the 2016 Akita Club of America National Specialty
Photos Courtesy of InFocus by Miguel • Infocusbymiguel.com


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Photo & Design Credits

GCH Nanook's This Girl is On Fire
John Ashbey Photography (win photo)
Lisa Croft-Elliot (headshot)
Niome Dubois (D) • www.webdesignbyniome.com

GCHS Jango CM2

InFocus by Miguel (Main Photo & Design)  
infocusbymiguel.com • 

Robert J. Skibinski Photography (winphoto)

GCHB TaolanQuest Flying Cloud 
Madelyn Goss: Visual GraphXs (D)
 visualgraphxs@gmail.com - www.visualgraphxs.com
Cook Photography (Win Photo) 

GCH Timbaray N' Sastya's Outlaw
Kohler Photography (win photos)
Antoinelle WWG (D)

CH Hellion's Red Hot Chili Pepper At Ironhead  
Robert J. Skibinski Photography (winphoto)
Antoinelle WWG (D)

GCHS Lismore McCormack's Dragon Song  
John Ashbey Photography (win photo)
Antoinelle WWG (D)

GCHS Haines Abel For Queans  
Image by Kit (P) • Holloway Photography (P)
Antoinelle WWG (D)

GCHS Mazel Tov's Special Agent By Chiastolite 
Kohler Photography (winphoto)
Diana Han: Nor Cal Bulldogger Photography (P) • norcalbulldogger@gmail.com

Antoinelle WWG (D)

GCHG Little Mtn's 1 Shot Deal From Windy Knob  
Dogs in Design Photography (P)
Antoinelle WWG (D)

GCH Roza Huntmore Padrone

Photo by Melia (winphoto) • Rene Blakemore (main photo)
Antoinelle WWG (D)



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