AKC Agility Invitational Winners
EOY2012pix agility
8″ Class: Andrea Samuels & Papillon “Carly”
12″ Class: Estelle Robinson & Chinese Crested “Ziggy”
16″ Class: Tammy Hall & Pumi “Zu-Zu”
20″ Class: Jamie Herren & Border Collie “Zip”
24″ Class: Melanie Rock & Doberman Pinscher “Shiloh Rock”
EOY2012hdr Ag8
EOY2012pix Ag8
First: Andrea Samuels & Papillon “Carly”
Second: Kimberly Barton & All American Dog “Logan”
Third: Darlene Paul & Pembroke Welsh Corgi “Winnie”
Fourth: Lori Daigle-Santos & Chihuahua “Squish”
EOY2012hdr Ag12
EOY2012pix Ag12
First: Estelle Robinson & Chinese Crested “Ziggy”
Second: Becky O’Sell & Parson Russell Terrier “Teazer”
Third: Handler Gloria Krueger & Pyrenean Shepherd “Diva” Owned by Joan Cain Pizitz
Fourth: Blake Rivas & English Cocker Spaniel “Trixie”
EOY2012hdr Ag16
EOY2012pix Ag16
First: Tammy Hall & Pumi “Zu-Zu”
Second: Laurene Galgano & Shetland Sheepdog “Token”
Third: Aryn Hervel & All American Dog “Crush”
Fourth: Handler Colleen Driscoll & Brittany “Bling” Owned by Aimee Schilling
EOY2012hdr Ag20
EOY2012pix Ag20
First: Jamie Harren & Border Collie “Zip”
Second: Terry Simons & Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever “Ripper”
Third: Joanna Hunt & Brittany “Gable”
Fourth: Linda Harvey & Australian Shepherd “Surf”
EOY2012hdr Ag24
EOY2012pix Ag24
First: Melanie Rock & Doberman Pinscher “Shiloh Rock”
Second: Russell Thorpe & Poodle “Ganesha”
Third: Karen McKee-Bendtsen & German Shepherd Dog “Misty Blue”
Fourth: Stephen Karpie & Collie “Warpaint”
EOY2012hdr Obedience
EOY2012pix Obedience
Registered Name: Goldstar Micah CD
Breed: Golden Retriever
Owned By: Ms. Judy Rasmuson & Ms. Constance Cleveland
EOY2012hdr Obedience
EOY2012pix Obedience
Registered Name: Darkside’s Luke At Ewe CDX
Breed: Border Collie
Owned By: Meredith Garrett, Jr. & Roberta Garrett
EOY2012hdr Obedience
EOY2012pix Obedience
Registered Name: Kanosak’s Uptown Girl UDX OM1 BN GN RE OA OAJ
Breed: Golden Retriever
Owned By: Ronnie Bizer
EOY2012hdr Obedience
EOY2012pix Obedience
Registered Name: Starlite’s A Time To Remember UDX10 OGM VER RN AX AXJ
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Owned By: Sandy Ganz & Christy Calkins
EOY2012hdr Breeder
EOY2012pix Breeder01 AKC Breeder of the Year:
Winnie Stout, Quissex Smooth Fox Terriers
EOY2012pix Breeder01 Herding Group Winner:
Leslie and Don Jeszewski, Highcroft Collies
EOY2012pix Breeder01 Hound Group Winner:
Janet and Linda Souza, and Jamie Souza, Limerick Irish Wolfhounds
EOY2012pix Breeder01 Non-Sporting Group Winner:
Michael and Linda Brantley, Dreamland Chow Chows
EOY2012pix Breeder01 Sporting Group Winner:
Randy and Anne Marie Kubacz, and Peter Kubacz, Ramblin’ Red Irish Setters
EOY2012pix Breeder01 Toy Group Winner:
Armando and Xio Angelbello, Marlex Miniature Pinschers
EOY2012pix Breeder01 Working Group Winners:
Joe and Tootie Longo, Longo Great Danes


EOY2012hdr Breeder
EOY2012pix Jrs01Not Pictured:
24″ Excellent Combined Winner
John Rotelle & Golden Retriever “Mr. T”
EOY2012pix Jrs0220″ Excellent Combined Winner
Maddie Speagle & Border Collie “Gabe”
EOY2012pix Jrs0316″ Excellent Combined Winner
Piper Novick & Shetland Sheepdog “Happy”
EOY2012pix Jrs0412″ Excellent Combined Winner
Handler Deva Wilson & Parson Russell Terrier “Tommy” owned by Cherie Whittenberg
EOY2012pix Jrs058″ Excellent Combined Winner
Claire Short & Bichon Frise “Lily”
EOY2012pix Jrs0624″ Superior Combined Winner
Mica Bender & German Shepherd Dog “Ginger”
EOY2012pix Jrs0520″ Superior Combined Winner
Nicole Sieling & All American Dog “Lillie”
EOY2012pix Jrs0612″ Superior Combined Winner
Cassandra Doss & West Highland White Terrier ” Levi”
EOY2012pix Jrs054” Superior Combined Winner
Handler Mariah Platts & Chihuahua “Lilli” owned by Rebekah Platts
EOY2012pix Jrs06Not Pictured:
16″ Superior Combined Winner - Sarah Schaefer & Australian Shepherd “Beau”

8″ Superior Combined Winner - Samantha Adams & Shih Tzu “Boomer”

AKC National Juniors Obedience Competition
EOY2012pix Jrs01Obedience Junior Titled
Level I Beginner Novice

1st – Krista Baker and Maximus Tank, a Poodle
EOY2012pix Jrs02Obedience Junior Titled
Level II Beginner Novice

1st – Sarah Saddoris and Topbrass The Greatest Show On Earth, a Golden Retriever
EOY2012pix Jrs03Obedience Junior Titled – Level I Novice
1st – Abby Stark and Drumlin’s Fuji Made For Pictures CD BN RN, a Shetland Sheepdog
EOY2012pix Jrs04Obedience Junior Titled – Level II Novice
1st – Breanna Durham and Nike D the Perfect Fit For Me CD, an Australian Shepherd
EOY2012pix Jrs05Obedience Junior Titled – Level II Open
1st – Brianne Farr and Powerhouse Cash It All In CDX BN GO RE NA, a Border Collie
EOY2012pix Jrs06Obedience Junior Handler
Level I Beginner Novice

1st – Elise Jerozal and CH Nohea Plum Lucky BN, an English Cocker Spaniel
EOY2012pix Jrs05Obedience Junior Handler
Level II Beginner Novice

1st – Justin Platt and Bubby’s Texas Tornado, a Shetland Sheepdog
EOY2012pix Jrs06Obedience Junior Handler – Level II Novice
1st – Danielle Royall Tyler and Scarlett CD BN RAE, a Dachshund
EOY2012pix Jrs05Obedience Junior Handler – Level I Open
1st – Avery Adams and OTCH MACH PACH Candlewood Huntleigh UDX OGM VER RE, a Labrador Retriever
EOY2012pix Jrs06Obedience Junior Handler – Level II Open
1st – Aleesha Grove and Ivanlee Masked Avenger UD RE MX MXB MXJ CA, a Shetland Sheepdog
EOY2012hdr ACE
EOY2012pix ACE01Exemplary Companion:
“Bart,” a Vizsla owned by Darcy DuVal of Griffin, Georgia
EOY2012pix ACE02Law Enforcement:
“Zeke,” a Malinois Handled by Corporal Tyron Meik of the Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Police Department
EOY2012pix ACE03Search and Rescue:
“Jesse,” a German Shepherd Dog owned and handled by Susan Condreras of Riverhead, New York
EOY2012pix ACE04Service Dog:
“Tuesday,” a Golden Retriever owned by Luis Carlos Montalván of New York, New York
EOY2012pix ACE05Therapy Dog:
“Drago,” a Spinone Italiano owned by Lauren and Chris Friedman of Milford, Connecticut
To learn more about the AKC Humane Fund and the ACE program, visitakchumanefund.org
Thank you to all the clubs who participated in the 2013 AKC Meet the Breeds! Congratulations to the Winners!
EOY2012pix MTB01Best in Show & Herding Group Winner:
Bearded Collies
EOY2012pix MTB02Hound Group Winner:
EOY2012pix MTB03Non-Sporting Group Winner:
EOY2012pix MTB04Sporting Group Winner:
EOY2012pix MTB05Terrier Group Winner:
Bull Terriers
EOY2012pix MTB06Toy Group Winner:
EOY2012pix MTB07Working Group Winner:
EOY2012pix MTB06Miscellaneous Winner:
Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen
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